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Dearest Bambi,

It just can't be four years since that day you walked out of the house to spend the evening with your friend and never came back. God it's been sooooo hard and I cry for you every single day, for four years now I have cried and ached from the heart break of losing you. I miss you more and more with each passing day. Below is something I wrote for you on the eve of the fourth anniversary of your passing, sitting all alone in my room just as the sun was comming up with my eyes filled with tears.

Each Day

How can the sun continue to rise,

when your not here to see.
Each day is a constant struggle
with each breath I still grieve.

I see each sun rise,

and watch it set.
Each day with hot bitter tears,
my cheeks stay wet.

I push until exaustion,

drives me to sleep.
Each day full of dreamless dreams,
all through which I weep.

They say with time,

all things will heal.
Each day it grows worse,
but how can I deal.

How can I stay,

or should I go.
Each day I live,
with this hole in my soul.

Sweet treasured memories now,

replaced with shattered dreams.
Each day in constant agony I spend,
because I lose you all over again.