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Facts About Arkansas

State Symbol Type Adopted In
FlowerApple Blossom1901
MammalWhite Tailed Deer1993
DanceSquare Dance1991

Arkansas Flag

About Our Flag

Designed by:
Miss Willie K. Hocker
of Wabbasaka, Ar.
adopted in 1913

A diamond on a red field represents the only place in North America where diamonds have been discovered and mined. The 25 white stars around the diamond means that Arkansas was the 25 th state to join the Union. The top star in the center of the diamond represents that Arkansas was a member of the Confederate States during the Civial War. The other three represent Spain, France and the United States, countries that had earlier ruled the land that includes Arkansas.

Arkansas was the third state formed from the Louisiana Purchase. Old Washington was the Confederate state capitial from 1863 - 1865, but Arkansas was part of the Confederacy from 1861 - 1865 This is when the infamous rebel flag was the official state flag. Arkansas officialy became a state on June 15, 1836.