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Miscellaneous Page

*Don't think less of yourself, but think of yourself less*

Hi and WELCOME this is just my little bit of everything page, likes ~ dislikes etc. So sit back, relax, gaze up at the stars with me and ENJOY.

The Song Playing Is
Afternoon Delight
 (A MIDI player should appear here if you have the plug-in)

As you can see I LIKE....

Starry nights, Whales/dolphins (underwater scenes). Sunsets... Sunrise, looking up at the sky at anytime day or night (perhaps a little more at night). Metor showers. A slow drizzling rain at night (occasionally) good sleeping wheather. A low distant rumbling of thunder in the distance. Hearing the frogs, cricketts, whipperwills etc. nature's relaxer.

I also like....

Any animal(s) but especially birds... I am trying to get into breeding and raising them. Humming birds (I collect them). The big cats (well cats in general), tigers, cougars, etc. The smell of a spring rain, fresh cut grass, and Roses.


This is probably how most people feel, with a few exceptions *S* Anything that I state here is in no way meant to offend anyone so please no hate (e-)mail....

People who think their better than you, who judge you for what you look like or who your family is or isn't... Deadbeat parents, be they either male or female... Parents who let their children go without, so they can get what they want first... Most of all though I can't stand a liar... that really gets my blood boiling... don't say anything if it can't be truthful.

Thouhgts, Opinions
Speaking of being truthful... we teach our children not to lie right? But then what do we do... Lie to them. What does that say about us? We tell them tall tales about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny etc. Then to make matters worse I have heard parents actually treanten their kids with Santa "You'd better be good..." I have never encouraged or discouraged my children to believe, or not to, in these lies. Oh sure I remember how fun it was to get up early on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought, but more than that I remember finding out the "truth." and I just can't, choose not to, do that to my kids.