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Scribble Art
Oh No Not Another Doily Tutorial

Hi and Welcome to my first ever tutorial for PSP =) This tutorial was written for PSP 6 but you should be able to be to do it in any version.

The only tools this tutorial will be using are native PSP tools *you can apply anything you like later, it's just that I don't have blade pro or eye candy or any others like that, just yet.

OK, let's begin...
Open a new image 400x400 transparent background.

Click on the draw tool (pencil) and use these settings

Now just scribble =)
There's no way any two will turn out the same but here is my scribble pic.

Now go to Image, Effects, Kaleidoscope here are the settings I used for my scribble pic. Horizontal offsets-100, Vertical offsets-90, Rotation Angle-0, Scale Factor-0, Number of Petals-20, Number of Orbits-0, Radical Suction-0.

Adjust these setting (above) to different places you can always hit undo and try again, just find a setting that suits you best. *or you might want to use filler factory II's kaleidoscope, it's your choice*

This is how my scribble pic looked.

And here again after a little cleaning, with the eraser tool

Here are two more examples of Scribble Art or Oh No Not Another Doily and their settings.


HO- 100, VO- 50, RA- 0, SF- 0, NOP- 10, NOO- 0, RS- 0

Another Example


HO- 100, VO- 50, RA- 20, SF- 5, NOP- 12, NOO- 0, RS- 0

When you get something you like you can add color, presets, 3d effects, cutouts, paint, stained glass the possibilities are endless.

Here is one of my scribble pics with color.

Have Fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with =)


This tutorial was made by me just by playing around with PSP, it was probably just an accident lol but anyways I made it so please don't take it, change it, alter it or claim it as your own, offer it on any other web site or CD. No part of this tutorial can be used or redistributed without my permission.