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      Well my name is Tracy, I've lived most all my life (since I was five years old) here in the same small town. Never been anywhere or seen anything, besides what is around here, which ain't bad.... but anyways.

      I am a divorced mother of Four Beautiful Children, with no intentions of ever re-marrying, once was enough for me. My kids are my life and
      I Love Them So Very Much! Just spending time with them makes me happy.

      I am a simple person, a country person. I don't have a big fancy job or any special talents but I am a good hearted person.

      ~*~ Wanna Check outMy Home Town Page ~*~
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      ~*~ Hobbies / Pastimes ~*~

      Thread works crocheting, knitting, tatting etc.

      Breeding Birds.....trying anyway

      such as; cockatiels, parakeets, not just a keet but a pair a keets :o), starlight doves and small parrots..... for now.

      I also have a umbrella cockatoo just as my own personal pet. I hand raised him from about two weeks old and he is quite the clown.

      Click on the link below to read about some of

      My Birds

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      ~*~ Things I Collect ~*~

      Wind Chimes

      Anything with a hummingbird :o)

      Coins... I have several wheat tail pennies and fifty cent pieces along with some two dollar bills. And like everyone else is, I'm sure, we're collecting the fifty states quarters.

      Foreign money...I have a bunch of coins from Mexico and Canada. I also have a coin and a piece of folding money from Kuwait. I'm not an advid collector so I don't know the domination of the coin or the bill, but they are the best in my collection, so far *Smiles*

      Dolphins figurines (only two actually)

      Rocks... such as; crystals, geodes, OH and I have a few arrow heads and a grinding stone (?)

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