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This Page contains one of two poems I have ever written. I wrote it for my Daughter Machelle for her High School Graduation. It was read aloud and presented to her at the Graduation Ceremonies, as a surprise :o) It also appeared in the '00 annual as her Senior Dedication Page.

A Moment In Time

People always told me, enjoy her while she's young
becuase before you know it she'll be all grown up and gone.
But as I held you there just a tiny babe,
eighteen years just seemed so far away.

Then a funny thing happened as the hours turned into days,
my little babe with the golden curls got up and walked away.
With camera ready and smiles wide, I couldn't help but
cherish this moment in time.

Then a funny thing happened as the days turned into years,
my baby had turned into a little girl and the time to start school was near.
As I drove you to school how my tears flowed for in a moment I know,
I'd have to let you go.

Then a funny thing happened as the years began to pass,
I started to wonder what happened to the past.
My little girl with the dimples in her grin is now a beautiful young woman
and has a boyfriend.

Yes, people told me enjoy her while she's young,
then it was hard to believe but now the moment has come.
Graduation day is drawing near and once again with camera ready and tears of pride,
I'll watch as my beautiful girl walks down the aisle.

As I look back now and remember those words,
I'll tell you how proud I am of you, and of the sorrow of watching you go.
I still wonder why time had to pass so fast,
and why the precious moment just couldn't last.

But moments pass, as I suppose they must,
in these words I give you, always trust.
Even if it were but just a moment in time,
it will always be fondly remembered as the Happiest of Mine.

This too, I say to you, no matter how grown you are
or where you might go,
You'll always be my little baby that,

All My Love,

aka Tracy Smith

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