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Birds That I Have



Starlight Doves

Rosella Parrot

Umbrella Cockatoo

For Now *Smile : o)*

~*~ About My Birds ~*~

I am trying to get into breeding birds. It has been going slow, but I'm getting there. I have been going to breeding farms to get my birds, and observing how their's is set up. I want my bird house to be enclosed, like a big room with adequate space for flights and exercise. Now the hard part is just getting it built.

Over to the left are the kinds of birds that I have so far, and a little info. about my birds, as well as that type of bird in general. As I said I'm new to all this, so if this is anyone out there who already breeds birds I'd appreciate any tips, hints, or suggestions that you have to offer.

I had to break my color theme tradition here, because you couldn't see the e-mail graphic above. I just had to use this one for this page *SMILES*

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Rockin' Robin


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