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~*~ Pictures of Albert Pike and Little Missouri Falls ~*~

Sorry this page takes a little while to load, it's all the tables
but I thought it turned out nice hope you think so too.

Click on thumbnail to see a larger version.... :o)

Place mouse on a pic for a description.

Albert Pike

The Swimming hole The Fishing Hole
Another shot taken on the bridge River that leads into the swimming hole

Little Missouri (Ma-zerr-a) Falls.

No description on these... Just waterfalls
but you can still click on thumbnail to see larger version :o)

Some of those pools look mighty inviting huh? but let me tell you that is some C' C' COLD water.... seeing as how I got my feet wet making some of those pics... so I hope you like'em :o)

Here's two more water fall pics, these aren't actually at Little Missouri Falls but they were to pretty not to mention.

These have descriptions along with the larger versions too.

A natural jacuzzi Pretty fall at the bottom of the jacuzzi

I think it'd be worth braving the cold water to get in here :o)

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